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    Circa 1963
    Deluxe Reverb &
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    Custom Deluxe Reverb
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    '59 Tweed Bassman
    For Guitar and Bass available
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    '65 Princeton Reverb
    35 Watt - White

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Pro Series Amplifiers

Pro Series

    FireBelly is offering a limited edition of PROFESSIONAL SERIES vintage tube amps.


    Hand Buit point-to-point by Master Builder of Fender and Marshall style Guitar Amps from 50's & 60's. Considered to be of the Top 10 Boutique amp builders in the country.

FireBelly Collection
FireBelly Collection


    We are proud to be considered as one of the top 10 boutique amp builders in the country.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray

    Stevie Ray Vaughan and his 1964 Vibroverb Reverb®

"HEAD" Versions Of Your Favorite Amplifiers

Head Versions

Almost any combo vintage tube guitar amplifier can be custom built as a "HEAD" version. Please select the "HEAD VERSION" option when adding to the "cart". If you don't see a head version of your favorite guitar tube amp, please email us for pricing and information.

We also build a variety of vintage Marshall guitar tube amp heads with outputs running 18-watts, 36-watts, 50-watts and 100-watts. Vintage guitar tube amp heads include the JTM45, JMP and JCM800 style guitar tube amplifiers. Please check out our COLORS & OPTIONS pages as many options can be added during production.

You can also find additional comments at Harmony Central.  Just put "Firebelly Amps" into the search box to bring up other unsolicited customer comments.

FIREBELLY vintage tube amplifiers are based upon "pre-CBS" models such as the Fender® Princeton Reverb®, Deluxe Reverb®, Vibrolux Reverb®, Twin Reverb®, Fender® '59 Bassman®, Fender® Champ and Tweed Deluxe® amp with many proprietary enhancements. For our "PR" line we build the original version at 14-watts output and utilize a 1 X 12" cabinet (original PR had a 1 x 10" cab).

We also offer a 35-watt version of the PR ('65 Princeton Reverb) for more headroom and a "gig-worthy" amp. With our larger cab and 12" speaker, there is no boxiness and the tone is completely open. The "DL" is based on the Deluxe Reverb® built with a 1 X 12" at 22-watts and the "VB" based on the Vibrolux Reverb® is built with a 2 X 10" configuration and puts out 40-watts. Our 1955 "Tweed" 5F2A at 6-watts with a 1 X 10" is based on the original Champ® guitar tube amp. We also offer and imported version of our "TWEED JR" based on the same circuit and hand wire it here in our shop for under $500. We are known for building one of the best '59 Bassmans and our version of the Twin Reverb® will take your breath away with its amazing 85-watts of clean headroom, gut busting bass, and an extended mid that will drop your socks to the floor.

Enhancements to our Special Edition vintage tube amps include Mallory M-150 and Sprague Atom Orange Drop 716P series tone capacitors, authentic vintage black "tag strip" boards, adjustable bias, special edition vintage Alnico and Ceramic speakers, six spring vintage reverb tanks, modified boost circuits, (mid-fat boost), a Master Volume Control, extended midrange control, and much, much more.

Professional Series Amplifiers

Professional Series Amplifiers

FIREBELLY is offering a limited edition of PROFESSIONAL SERIES vintage tube amps in certain models. Those models currently include the Deluxe Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Twin Reverb, Princeton Reverb and a few other select models.

The FireBelly PROFESSIONAL SERIES offer the highest quality features available in a vintage tube amplifier. They include a Line-Out connection directly to the speaker so that there is no change in tone for the purpose of either recording or connecting your amp to a house panel.

With Dual-Channel Reverb/Tremolo (available on most 2-channel amps as an option) both channels are brought together and are now "in phase" with each other. This allows for a feature called "Bassman Channel Bridging". This is where a short jumper cable can be connected between both channels so you can take advantage of both preamps and both volume controls. Your amp can become a mixing station to produce a myriad of different tonal combination. We also include Dual Channel Reverb and Tremolo thereby providing Reverb and Trem on Channel #1 as well.

A top quality parallel Buffered FX Loop is added with a total of 16DB's of gain. The SEND and RETURN jacks each have their own individual gain control. Finally, where critical tone locations exist in the circuit, we use 2nd edition Sozo Yellow Mustard Caps. This brings up the level of tone to the highest quality of vintage character. We also use Mallory M150's and where Orange Drops bring in a crisp delivery of signal, we use the 716P Series. The result is an amazing vintage tube amplifier of the highest tonal quality for the professional musician or the musician who just wants the very best vintage tube amp ever produced. And, with the AB763 circuit design, we include the Caesar Diaz/Stevie Ray Vaughan Tremolo modification adding back 5-7dbs of gain. These are amazing amplifiers and the very best tone available.

Most of the above features can also be added to the Special Edition models. Please check out our "COLORS & OPTIONS" page to add these feature to your purchase.

Caesar Diaz/Stevie Ray Vaughan Mod on '65 Deluxe Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Twin Reverb, and '64 Vibroverb

Pro Series Amplifiers

We are also continuing to build specialty amps such as the '64 Vibroverb used by Stevie Ray Vaughn as well as its predecessor, the '63 Vibroverb with its special "bias-wiggle" tremolo. The '63 was the first Fender amp to have Reverb and Tremolo on-board.

The Ceasar Diaz Tremolo modification is standard on all AB763 two channel, "SPECIAL EDITION" amps such as the '65 versions of the Deluxe Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Vibroverb and Twin Reverb Amps. Other features are included in "SPECIAL EDITION" amps such as Extended mid-controls, Mid-Fat Boost with included 1-button foot pedal, Master volume control, bias-test jacks and bias adjust control and upgraded special filtering and the best sounding tone caps.

"Reissues" are mass-produced overseas using circuit boards with thin signal traces and modest components. Servicing circuit board amps can also be very challenging, even for the best of technicians.

FireBelly guitar tube amplifiers are hand soldered vintage tube amps that are built one component and one tube amplifier at time.

Each vintage guitar tube amp is meticulously constructed with only the best components including Mallory M150, Sprague Atom Orange Drop, SOZO Vintage tone caps, Silver-Mica capacitors, CTS potentiometers, Sprague/Atom and F&T filter caps, Carling switches, and other top of the line quality components to produce the best possible tone.

At FireBelly every guitar tube amplifier that leaves our shop is tested "live" and burned in for 72 hours. All tubes are hand selected and tested for best match to your particular amplifier. Tubes are selected for low microphonics, balanced output and specific tonal characteristics. We pride ourselves on catering to the discriminating musician, yet maintain a pricing structure that is similar to companies who mass produce vintage reissue tube amplifier models on a high production basis.

How do we produce a custom hand built vintage tube amplifier 40% less than the custom shops?

First, we build each guitar amplifier one at a time, in our own shop here in Southern California. We have no sales people, do not carry an inventory or produce high volume by outsourcing our work. Each vintage tube amp is individually constructed by our owner and master tube amp builder, Steven Cohen and his artisan son Scott, one at a time with the single minded goal of achieving tonal satisfaction for every one of our customers. We communicate with you before we build your amp so your amp will become part of your instrument. Each vintage tube amplifier is "tone tweaked" and "voiced" for your own personal playing style.

Each guitar tube amplifier at FireBelly is individually built from "scratch" and only when each vintage tube amplifier passes our own rigorous testing will it be sent on its way to the musician awaiting tonal bliss.

For those who are budget-conscious and would like to own a hand-built FireBelly guitar amp, we have introduced two new all tube hand-built guitar ampliefiers to the FireBelly line. The Tweed Jr. starts at $549.00 and the '55 5E3 Tweed Deluxe is $995.00. With these models, costs are dramatically reduced for a hand-built amplifier by importing the cabs and other components. Each amp is hand wired on a glass-epoxy board using the finest filter and tone components. The cabs are constructed with finger-jointed plywood. Jensen "period correct" speakers are installed in each guitar amplifier. And, like all FireBelly Amps, each of these new models goes through a 72-hour burn-in to stabalize the components.

All vintage tube guitar amps include the same "Dripping with Tone" authentic hand wired point-to-point style wiring with basic components and a vintage black fiber tag board (glass-epoxy boards on the Jr. and the 5E3). Please check out this great alternative and own a vintage guitar tube amp, custom built by FireBelly. We also offer free shipping on the Jr. and the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe!