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Thanks to our customers for the following YouTube sound bites and recordings.

Sound Bite #A1 Princeton Reverb (Steven playing "Misty" with bias wiggle tremolo) PR3512SE (Princeton Reverb at 35 watts)

 Sound Bite #1 Princeton Reverb  : PR3512SE (Princeton Reverb at 35 watts)

Sound Bite #2 Vibroveb Reverb: VB4015 (Vibroverb Reverb 50 watts)

Sound Bite #3 recorded by Billy Howard on a FireBelly PR3512SE:   PR3512SE Original Song

Sound Bite #4: L.A. Amp Show:   L.A. Amp Show Demonstration


NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Current pricing is good on all orders placed through 12/31/14

Due to an increase in cost of tubes and other fine components, we will regrettably

be increasing our prices by approximately 10% starting January 1, 2015.

In researching comparative pricing, we believe we are still up to half the price of

the custom shops and other competitive builders.   Please see our Order Page for new pricing.


"Standard" versions of Blackface Amps starting at $995.00!


  At "FIREBELLY", the father and son team of Steven and Scott successfully "nail" the tone of vintage tube amplifiers of the early 1950's and 1960's with enhanced and upgraded re-creations of some of the finest original hand wired Blackface vintage tube guitar amps and Tweed vintage tube amps ever produced.  Our boutique guitar tube amplifiers are hand wired, point-to-point "style" vintage tube amplifiers that are based on the most sought after vintage tube amp circuits of the late 50's and early 60's.  Our custom, hand wired vintage tube amplifiers start as low as $995.00 through 12/31/14.  If you are looking for a hand wired, vintage tube guitar amplifier, contact FIREBELLY and learn how amazing a "Dripping with Tone" vintage tube amplifier can sound. (SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO AND PICTURES).

  FIREBELLY is now including the famous "Cesar Diaz", amp doctor tremolo modification to all of its Special Edition blackface vintage tube amplifiers incorporating the AB763 circuit (July, 1963).  This is the circuit design used for the Fender?/font> Deluxe Reverb, Fender? Twin Reverb, Fender? Super Reverb and other vintage tube amplifiers. This modification enables the tremolo to be removed from the signal path when not in use.  The modification restores the loss of gain taken by the tremolo circuit, even when it isn't being used.  The result is more gain and a much hotter signal hitting the output tubes.  Stevie Ray Vaughan requested this modification on his Fender Vibroverb?amp.  FIREBELLY is now incorporating the SRV modification at no additional cost to the tremolo circuit on all Special Edition guitar tube amplifier models built with the AB763 circuit design. 

  FIREBELLY hand builds recreations of the finest vintage tube amplifiers ever produced.  We build any Fender?Blackface or Fender?/span>Tweed model on a special order basis.  These include famous vintage tube amplifiers as the '65 Fender? Super Reverb?/span>, the infamous '59 Fender? 5F6A Bassman with its cathode-follower tone stack circuit, the Tremolux, Fender's?first amp with an on-board effect, and almost any  other model produced between 1950 and 1965.   FIREBELLY will build any "pre-CBS" version of any Fender?Tweed or Fender?blackface vintage tube amplifier.  Just let us know which vintage tube guitar amplifier model you want and we will respond promptly with pricing and estimated build time.  Though our vintage tube amplifiers are equipped with period correct Jensen speakers, we can also install Eminence or Weber speakers upon request in your vintage guitar tube amplifier.  

  You can further customize your model as well.  FIREBELLY is also offering optional configurations on many of its vintage guitar tube amplifiers.  Some modification include a reduced power Pentode-Triode switch, Cathode Bias switch which emulates Class-A operation from fixed bias to cathode bias mode and an on-board power attenuator that reduces output power by an equivalent of 75%.  Please contact us for pricing and more information on these and other modifications. A half-power switch can be added to any four tube output vintage tube amplifier, such as our TW model based on the Fender? Twin Reverb amplifier. And, we also build the most famous Fender?/font> guitar amplifier of all time, the 59 Fender? 5F6A Bassman with its four speaker combination.  If you don't see a specific model on our site, contact us as we can most likely build it for you!









Stevie Ray Vaughan and his 1964 Vibroverb Reverb? (left of SRV)             FireBelly Custom  '64 Vibroverb Amp

"HEAD" versions of your favorite amplifiers are also available!! 

 All FireBelly almost any combo vintage tube guitar amplifier can be custom built as a "HEAD" version for those who prefer to use their own speaker cabs.  Please contact us for more details!  Here is our "PR" model based on the Fender?/font> Princeton Reverb available in a 14 watt or 35 watt version.

FireBelly vintage tube amplifiers are loosely based upon "pre-CBS" models such as the Fender? Princeton Reverb? Deluxe Reverb? Vibrolux Reverb?  Twin Reverb? Fender? Bassman?and Fender?Champ amp.  For our "PR" line we build the original version at 14 watts output and utilize a 1 X 12" cabinet at 35-watts for more headroom. With the larger cab and 12" speaker, there is no boxiness and the tone is completely open. We offer the "PR" vintage tube amplifier in 14 and 34 watt version. The "DL" is built with a 1 X 12" at 22-watts and the "VB" with a 2 X 10" configuration puts out 40-watts.  Our 1955 "Tweed" 5F2A at 6-watts with a 1 X 10" is based on the original Champ?tube amp.  Our "Standard" vintage tube amplifiers are based upon the same circuits and they are offered at similar pricing levels as current, mass produced, imported "reissue" versions.    And, check our NEW SINGLE STROKE, True Class-A, 10-watt Tweed with 3-way boost switch and tube driven Reverb based on the original "5F2A" circuit, but with many unique modifications!

A few of our Combo amplifiers (and Steven's customized Gibson Les Paul)

Enhancements to our Special Edition vintage tube amps include Mallory M-150 and Sprague Atom Orange Drop tone capacitors, authentic vintage black "tag strip" boards, adjustable bias, special edition vintage Alnico and Ceramic speakers, six spring Accutronics reverb tanks, modified boost circuits, (mid-fat boost), a Master Volume Control, extended midrange control, and much, much more.

COMBO Blackface DL2212 (BF Deluxe, SE Edition) 22- watts

FireBelly guitar tube amplifiers are solidly constructed, extremely roadworthy, readily serviceable, and produce a purity of tone that cannot be found in mass-produced, machine soldered, assembly line  production guitar tube amplifiers.  Our cabs are constructed of  solid 3/4" finger jointed pine for overall strength and articulated tonal quality.  Best of all, our amps are built one at a time in Southern California!


'64 Vibroverb?/span> with Caesar Diaz Modifications 

"Reissues" are mass-produced overseas (mainly from China) using circuit boards with thin signal traces and modest components.  Servicing circuit board amps can also be very challenging, even for the best of technicians.  FireBelly guitar tube amplifiers are hand soldered vintage tube amps that are built one component and one tube amplifier at time.  Each amp is meticulously constructed with only the best components including Mallory M150, Sprague Atom Orange Drop, Silver-Mica capacitors, CTS potentiometers, Sprague/Atom and F&T filter caps, Carling switches, and other top of the line quality components to produce the best possible tone.

"Single Stroke" Class-A, 10-Watt Tweed Edition with Tube driven Reverb

At FireBelly every guitar tube amplifier that leaves our shop is tested "live" and burned in for 36 to 48 hours.  All tubes are hand selected and tested for best match to your particular amplifier.  Tubes are selected for low microphonics, balanced output and specific tonal characteristics.  We pride ourselves on catering to the discriminating musician, yet maintain a pricing structure that is similar to companies who mass produce vintage reissue tube amplifier models on a high production basis.

How do we produce a custom hand built vintage tube amplifier at mass production pricing?  First, we build each guitar amplifier one at a time, in our own shop here in Southern California.  We have no sales people, do not carry an inventory or produce high volume by outsourcing our work.  Each vintage tube amp is individually constructed by our owner and master tube amp builder, one at a time, with the single minded goal of achieving tonal satisfaction for every one of our customers.  We communicate with you before we build your amp so your amp will become part of your instrument.  Each vintage tube amplifier is "tone tweaked" for your personal playing style.

Each guitar tube amplifier at FireBelly is individually built from "scratch" and only when each vintage tube amplifier passes our own rigorous testing will it be sent on its way to the musician awaiting tonal bliss.

STANDARD Blackface and Tweed versions are also available

For those who are budget-conscious and would like to own a hand-built FireBelly, we have introduced three NEW "Standard" versions of our PR, DL and VB vintage tube amplifiers that contain many of the same features and components as the original versions with a starting price of  $895.00!

Standard Versions include the same "Dripping with Tone" authentic hand wired point-to-point style wiring with basic components and a vintage black fiber tag board.  Our "Standard" tube amps are priced at similar levels as the imported, circuit-board "reissues".   Please check out this great alternative and own a vintage guitar tube amp, custom built by FireBelly.



  After having played a Firebelly PR35 for over a year now, I can safely say this is an irreplaceable amplifier. I have played through a number of high end amplifiers including several doctor Z models, virtually everything mesa makes, the entire fender high end line, vintage Hiwatt, vintage Marshall, orange, vintage Vox and Soldano just to name a few.  This amp embodies everything I have wanted in tone. Rich on every spectrum and so pleasing to the ear that I can literally not get enough. Every note seems to drip like honey.  Thank you Steve.

Patrick G., Meridian, ID

...left a message at your office in an attempt to convey to you personally by phone how incredibly pleased I am with this amp....Aside from cosmetic flawlessness every aspect of its construction appears solid as a rock!  The tone is beyond expectations and at idle it is as quiet as a mouse (very important for the kind of gigs I play).  The verb is lush, but not overwhelming and responds to the level pot intuitively.  The tonal adjustability is also amazing.  How you can continue to make an amp of this quality at your price point is beyond me.  Thanks again for everything, Steve!

Rick R., San Diego, California

It sings!  I am entirely IN LOVE with this amp!  All the features work as expected .  The tone is warm and wonderful.  The tube break up is great.  I’m on the edge of a mountain of vibe...  I am in total and complete bliss.  You build an INCREDIBLE amplifier!  Thank you so much, again.  This is the finest piece of equipment by far that I have ever owned...including guitars.  I am ever grateful.  The Panderers love, praise and endorse your fine Firebelly Amplifiers.   A complete homerun my good man!

Scott Wynn, "The Panderers", Moores Hill, IN

I found this amp through an extensive search looking for an amp with a specific sound. The sound of this amp takes me there.  The sound quality, words cannot describe.  Have you ever gone to a recording studio and listened to a player and said "why can't I get that sound quality, it must be magic" Mystery solved, your ears will be stunned. Mine were.  With this amp I hit the perfect low and in that moment just before I hit the high I say to myself its not going to get there but, it does and I'm just in awe.  It will do this up and down the volume dial + master volume dial to make those tubes hum warm fuzzies.  The low end is just incredible".

Steven J., Sunrise Beach, MO

It was a pleasure doing business with Steven.  He took all my calls and helped me decide on speakers and other options.  He is very passionate about his amps and it shows in the finished product...I'm glad to have found FireBelly amps when I did.

John W., Ardmore, PA

You can also find additional comments at Harmony Central.  Just put "Firebelly amps" into the search box to bring up other unsolicited customer comments..



See our PRICE LIST and ORDERING PAGE for more details!!

"Standard" versions starting at $995.00!

FireBellyAmps is also on FACEBOOK?/span>

For detailed specifications please use the following links:



PR3512SE SERIES AMP (35 watts)

DL2212SE SERIES AMP (22 watts)

VB3510SE SERIES AMP (40 watts)

TWEED1955SE SERIES AMP (6 watts)





Read about the Birth of FireBelly Amps!


"The Father & Son team of FireBelly Amps"


FireBelly is a proud to have been a past member of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)


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