If you are looking for a hand wired, vintage tube guitar amplifier, contact FIREBELLY and learn how amazing a "Dripping with Tone" vintage tube amplifier can sound.

The Father & Son Team Of FireBelly Amps
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At "FIREBELLY", the father and son team of Steven and Scott successfully "nail" the tone of vintage tube amplifiers of the early 1950's and 1960's with enhanced and upgraded re-creations of some of the finest original hand wired Blackface vintage tube guitar amps and Tweed vintage tube amps ever produced. Our boutique guitar tube amplifiers are hand wired, point-to-point "style" vintage tube amplifiers and built by a Master Builder of Fender and Marshall style guitar amplifiers from the mid '50's and early 60's. These guitar amplifiers are based on the most sought after vintage tube amp circuits of the late 50's and early 60's and produce amazing tone. Our custom, hand wired vintage tube amplifiers start as low as $499.00 (NEW "TWEED JR.) We are generally priced 50% less than the custom shops and we are the best priced amp builder in the country compared to other boutique builders who sell through distributers. We deal directly with our customers and eliminate the additional markup charged by distributors and music shops. If you are looking for a hand wired, vintage tube guitar amplifier, contact FIREBELLY and learn how amazing a "Dripping with Tone" vintage tube amplifier can sound.

At FireBelly every guitar tube amplifier that leaves our shop is tested "live" and burned in for 72 hours. All tubes are hand selected and tested for best match to your particular amplifier. Tubes are selected for low microphonics, balanced output and specific tonal characteristics. We pride ourselves on catering to the discriminating musician, yet maintain a pricing structure that is similar to companies who mass produce vintage reissue tube amplifier models on a high production basis.

"Caesar Diaz", Amp Doctor Tremolo Modification

FIREBELLY is now including the famous "Cesar Diaz", amp doctor tremolo modification to all of its Special Edition blackface vintage tube amplifiers incorporating the AB763 circuit (July, 1963). This is the circuit design used for the Fender® Deluxe Reverb, Fender® Twin Reverb, Fender® Super Reverb and other vintage tube amplifiers. This modification enables the tremolo to be removed from the signal path when not in use. The modification restores the loss of gain taken by the tremolo circuit, even when it isn't being used. The result is more gain and a much hotter signal hitting the output tubes. Stevie Ray Vaughan requested this modification on his Fender Vibroverb® amp. FIREBELLY is now incorporating the SRV modification at no additional cost to the tremolo circuit on all Special Edition guitar tube amplifier models built with the AB763 circuit design.

1959 5F6A Bassman, 1955 5E3 Deluxe, 1956 Tremolux & All PRE-CBS Blackface Models Available

FIREBELLY hand builds recreations of the finest vintage tube amplifiers ever produced. We build any Fender® Blackface or Fender®Tweed model on a special order basis. These include famous vintage tube amplifiers as the '65 Fender® Super Reverb®, the infamous '59 Fender® 5F6A Bassman with its cathode-follower tone stack circuit, the Tremolux, Fender's® first amp with an on-board effect, the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe®, and almost any other model produced between 1950 and 1965. FIREBELLY will build any "pre-CBS" version of any Fender® Tweed or Fender® blackface vintage tube amplifier.

Just let us know which vintage tube guitar amplifier model you want and we will respond promptly with special pricing and estimated build time. Though our vintage tube amplifiers are equipped with period correct Jensen speakers, we can also install Eminence or Weber speakers upon request in your vintage guitar tube amplifier.

About Options For Line-Out, On-Board Attenuator, Pentode-Triode & More!

You can further customize your model as well. FIREBELLY is also offering optional configurations on many of its vintage guitar tube amplifiers. Some modification include a reduced power Pentode-Triode switch, a "Line-Out" jack, Cathode Bias switch which emulates Class-A operation from fixed bias to cathode bias mode and an on-board power attenuator that reduces output power by an equivalent of 75%. Please contact us for pricing and more information on these and other modifications. A half-power switch can be added to any four tube output vintage tube amplifier, such as our TW model based on the Fender® Twin Reverb amplifier. And, we also build the most famous Fender® guitar amplifier of all time, the 59 Fender® 5F6A Bassman in a four speaker or two speaker custom version. If you don't see a specific model on our site, contact us as we can most likely build it for you!