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Optional On-Board Attenuator For Studio/Recording/Lower Volume

On-Board, 6DB Attenuator (will be matched to speaker impedance).
This option can be added to any model: $175.00 for 6DB.

A brand new feature is now available for all production models that are intended to be used for recording and/or studio amps. This option can be added to any amp model. This is our switchable, on-board Power Attenuator. This feature enables the amp's tone and volume controls to be set at just the right place to enter the "zone" while allowing the switching of a 6db Power Attenuator, thereby having the effect of reducing overall volume by up to 75% (-6db). By activating a toggle switch, overall volume can be cut to about one quarter of stock power without having any affect whatsoever on the amp's tone. This is a highly sought after feature and makes all three models perfect for studio recording as well as playing in smaller venues without compromising one drop of tone. This special feature adds enormous versatility to a line of amplifiers that are "dripping with tone".

( Add Attenuator )

"Line-Out" Option For Recording And House Panels

Line-Out Jack for direct connections to panel or other amp.
This option can be added to any model: $50.00.

Many musicians "mic" their amps so they can capture the true tone and use a house panel or recording devisce. This option can be added to any amp model. Most amps have the ability to have a "Line-Out" circuit added to the external speaker jack or to the chassis, if you prefer. If only one speaker jack exists, we can typically install an additional jack to accommodate the "Line-Out" feature. A "Line-Out" jack can also be used to feed your amp into another amplifier. This option is included in all PROFESSIONAL versions of our amplifiers.

( Add Line-Out Jack )


Dual Channel Reverb And Tremolo "Channel Bridging Option"

Reverb and Tremolo for Channel #1 and Channel #2 "Channel Bridging" capability included.
This option will work on any amp that normally has two channels with Reverb and Tremolo on Channel #2: $125.00.

This option adds Reverb and Tremolo to Channel #1 (Dual Channel Reverb/Tremolo). Most importantly, it puts both channels in Phase with each other. This allows "Bassman/Marshall Channel Bridging". This is where a jumper cord is plugged into Input #1 of channel #1 and input #2 on channel #2. Your guitar is plugged into input #1 on channel #2. You can now use channel #1 to mix with channel #2 which thickens and fattens up your tone. There is also no loss in volume if you decide to plug two guitars into your amp since both channels are now "in phase" with each other. This option can be added with Marshall Voicing which makes for a really nice tonal combination. This option is included on all PROFESSIONAL versions of our amplifiers.

( Add Dual Reverb/Tremolo )

Marshall Voicing For Channel #1

Marshal Voicing on Channel #1 for Two Channel Amplifiers.
This option can be added to the DL2212(SE) Deluxe Reverb and VB3512(SE) Vibrolux Reverb: $50.00.

Marshall Voicing can be added to any 2-Channel amplifier. This include any AB763 circuit amp such as the Deluxe Reverb, Vibroverb, Vibrolux, Twin Reverb, Super Reverb an many others. With this option, the first preamp is voiced with the same value components as the majority of Marshall amps. This greatly increases the mids and punches them up for leads. This option works well with an A/B switch.

( Add Marshall Voicing )

FX Loop - Buffered With Gain Control(s)

FX Loop, Series; Buffered Loop. This option can be added to most Blackface amps (Deluxe, Super, Vibrolux, Vibroverb, Twin, etc).
This loop includes "mini-pots" to adjust the gain in the SEND and RETURN jacks: $350.00

This is a super quiet, buffered and amplified "series" FX Loop. A 16DB (total gain) buffer will be added to your amp with a net gain of 6dbs. Our Buffer includes mini-pots inside of each jack so SEND and RETURN signals can be adjusted with a small screwdrived. There is also a toggle switch that enables the buffer to be completely bypassed. Loops will be pre-set at "Unity Gain" and will work with most pedals. FX Loops can introduce some noise into the signal path so they must be used with the shortest cables possible. (We recommend using the shortest cables possible when running to and from your pedals). We include this loop on all PROFESSIONAL models of our amplifiers.

( Add FX Loop )

Half Power Switching for Amps with Four Output Power Tubes

Half-Power Switch (Can only be installed with 4 output tubes).
This option will work on any amp with four output tubes. $50.00

This option works with any amp that has four power output tubes. It removes two of the tubes from the circuit by lifting the cathodes above ground. This reduces output power by 50%. The Twin Reverb, for example, is a great amp to have this option. Marshall heads rated at 100 watts will also work well with this option.

( Add Half Power Switch )

Optional Ceasar Diaz-Stevie Ray Vaughan Tremolo Circuit

SRV has the famous "Amp Doctor" Caesar Dias design a feature where the tremolo could be removed from the signal path adding back lost gain used by the tremolo circuit. As part of our Special Feature series, we add this feature to all Blackface amp with the AB763 circuit design. There is no additional cost since this feature is included as one of the options in a Special Series amp.

If you order a "Special Edition" version, this option is included at no additional cost.

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