PR3512SE - PR1512SE Series Amplifiers

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Condition: Custom Built

PR3512SE: 35 Watts - PR1512SE: 14 Watts


Select Speaker Choice - PR3512SE

Cab & Grill Colors - PR3512SE


Select Speaker Choice - PR1512SE

Cab & Grill Colors - PR1512SE


Our PR3512SE and PR3512 series is loosely based upon the original AA1164, August, 1964 vintage Fender® Princeton Reverb® amplifier with it's hand wired point-to-point assembly, however we have more than doubled the output power resulting in greatly increased clean headroom and have redesigned the cabinet to completely open up the tonal spectrum (SE version). The original Princeton Reverb® is considered to be a prized collectible by countless musicians. This original circuit produces the signature tube tone that guitarists have often chosen as their prime recording and gigging amplifier. We have increased the output to 35 watts RMS with a matched pair of 6L6GC's and a larger output transformer so this truly vintage guitar tube amplifier can be used for recording as well as small to medium venue gig applications. We are also offering this amp in it's original vintage power output at 14-watts.

An enhanced Midrange tone control and a Master Volume control have been included, features that were unavailable on the original 60's version. Tone controls include Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Speed & Intensity for the Tremolo and Master. Spring reverb is tube driven to maintain a clean, vintage black face effect and the tremolo is tube bias driven. Speakers are configured with 1 - 12" Jensen AlNiCo P12Q. Cabs are constructed of finger jointed pine. Tube compliment is 3 - 12AX7's, 1 - 12AT7 and a matched duet of 6V6GT's or 6L6GC's. The tube rectifier is a 5AR4/GZ34. This is truly one of the most recorded amps in history and produces a natural break-up and compression with reasonable volume levels and the Volume control at the 5 - 6 setting. A brand new feature is our optional, switchable, on-board Power Attenuator. This feature enables the amps tone and volume controls to set at just the right place to enter the "tone zone" while allowing the internal switching of a 6db attenuator. This results in effectively cutting overall volume to about one quarter of stock power without having any affect whatsoever on the amp's tone. This highly coveted feature is sought after by recording engineers as it allows the volume of the amp to be cranked up, yet reduces overall volume by approximately 75% (-6db). This special feature adds enormous versatility to another FireBelly amplifier that is dripping with tone. The PR3512SE and PR3512 series is a great recording amp and can be used for small to medium size gigs. It has two inputs with the second input rated at approximately -3db.


Single Channel, Single Input

Class, A/B, 35 watts RMS Output

2-6L6GC's, 4-12AX7's, 1 - 12" Combo

Stock #121395112


Single Channel, Single Input

Class, A/B, 14 watts RMS Output

2-6L6GC's, 4-12AX7's, 1 - 12" Combo


Ceasar Diaz SRV Tremolo modification (AB763 circuit)

Mallory M-150 and Orange Drop Tone Capacitors

Tube Driven Reverb and Tremolo

Tube driven rectifier (for vintage "sag")

Expanded Midrange Control (25k)

Fat Boost with 1-Button Foot Pedal included

6-Spring "Type 9" Accutronics Reverb Tank

2-Button Foot Pedal for Reverb and Trem included

Master Volume Control

Authentic Vintage Black "Tag Strip" Board

CTS Potentiometers)

Rear Mounted Bias Test Jacks

Chassis mounted Bias Control

Vintage "Dogbone" handles

Vintage Jensen AlNiCo Speakers

Finger-jointed, Solid pine cabs

Brushed Metal face panels

Cabinet Casters


One Year Warranty On All Parts And Workmanship

Certificate of Build Authenticity

Operation Manual

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