Tweed JR Next Generation


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Our TWEED JR. NEXT GENERATION amplifier is finally here!! SOZO explains in their website ... "the Blue Molded line of capacitors are retofits for Astron or Blue Molded caps used in Vintage Tweed amplfiers. These Capacitors capture Vintage Tones of the famous Tweed components. These caps are successful recreations of the originals and are superbly built".

We have adapted the next generation of Tweed Jr. amplifiers to include the new SOZO BLUE MOLDED line of tone capacitors because of their authenticity to tone and ability to recreate the sounds heard from the original Astron and Blue Molded caps used in the 1950's.e

DRIPPING WITH TONE! This amp is based upon the original 1955, Princeton® 5F2A "Tweed" amplifier and comes in a smaller footprint than our standard Tweed1955SE. By partnering with our overseas factory to produce some of the sub-components of this amp, we are now able to provide a hand built tube amplifier at a price level that was previously impossible for a hand wired, point-to-point circuit design. The TWEED JR. uses a dual-triode 12AT7 pre-amp tube in a single ended, Class-A operation. Class-A amps have been known for their finger sensitive responsiveness. A 6V6GT output tube is use as the power amp running approximately 6 watts into a "period correct", 8" vintage Jensen C8R SPECIAL EDITION speaker. SOZO BLUE MOLDED .047 tone caps are used in the primary signal path for sweet rounded tone (Reissues of the original Astron Caps). We also dramatically increase the entire power rail filtering by adding a 47UF, 500 volt F&T filter to the first filter node and two additional 22UF, 500 volt F&T caps to the remaining power rail. This addition to the circuit design provides the necessary reserve current to tighten the bass, increase headroom and provide compression at higher volume levels. We also add a 250UF Sprague to the first preamp to change the bias and operation of the tube to extend its timbre. Finally, a 120pf silver mica cap is bridged to the volume pot to pass high end sparkle. This adds clarity and headroom at lower volume levels and compression when the volume it turned up.

The tone control is very dyamic. With the control down in the 4 to 6 range, your amp will be warm and mellow. In the 7 to 8 range and beyond, it not only brightens up the signal, but adds a little more “crunch” and overdrive to the signal path.

This small, but mighty tone machine has one input and straight forward controls of Volume and Tone. The cab is constructed of MDF to reduce overall costs. Vintage "chicken-head" knobs are on the deck. The TWEED JR, NEXT GENERATION amplifier is covered in 1950's style "luggage Tweed" with an Oxblood grill and a leather Dogbone handle. As with all special edition FIREBELLY amplifiers, the TWEED JR. is hand built. Filtering is accomplished with F&T, German electrolytic capacitors. A silver mica cap is added to the Volume control to add top end sparkle. Though the package is smaller, the power transformer and output transformer are full size.

This amp produces natural break-up and compression at reasonable volume levels. It also has usable clean headroom with its balanced gain 12AT7 whether you are using single coil type pickups or high output humbuckers. This is the model amp used by Eric Clapton during the "Layla" recordings. Because a tube rectifier is used, finger sensitive "sag" is also available.

The TWEED JR. NEXT GENERATION amplifier can be used in smaller venues, for recording, practicing, or just for rocking out. This Class-A, single ended amplifier can be coaxed from blues and jazz to crunch to good ole rock 'n roll. Tubes include a 6Z4 rectifier, 12AT7 pre-amp and driver and a Ruby 6V6GT power output tube.


Single Channel, Single Input


Single Ended, Class A, 4-6 watts RMS Output

1-12AT7, 1-6V6GT, 1-6Z4 Tube Rectifier, 1 - 8" Combo


"Class-A" Operation for Finger responsiveness

4-6 Watts Output depending on line voltage

SOZO "Next Generation" Astron Style Blue Molded Tone Caps

New "FIREBELLY" Nameplate!

5F2A, 1955 "Princeton" Circuit Design

Hand wired point-to-point style

Cab made from solid 5/8" Pine Plywood (no MDF)

Vintage Correct "Ruby" 6V6 Power Amp Tube

Vintage Hand Wired and Soldered "Turret" Board

12AT7 Dual Triode Preamp and Driver

Period Correct, Jensen CR8 SPECIAL EDITION Speaker (10 Once Mag with 1" Voice Coil!)

F&T German Filter Caps with additional filtering

Sprague 250UF Bypass Cap for wider frequency range

Full Size Power & Output Transformers

Reduced size footprint

13"W x 13"H x 8"D

Weight: 20lbs.


One Year Warranty On All Parts And Workmanship

Certificate of Build Authenticity

Operation Manual

72-Hour Burn-In Prior To Shipping!

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